N95 Respirator Face Masks (Pack of 25)


    Flat-fold disposable FDA Listed N95 Respirator Face Masks (Pack of 25)

    Our innovative design helps provide comfortable, reliable protection and efficient filtration of at least 95% of dust, haze droplets, etc.

    • 5-layer non-woven, moderate thickness for particle absorption, double-layered electrostatic filter, and highly efficient at filtering particles.
    • Advanced non-woven fabric provides easier breathing.
    • Ergonomic design: comfortable to wear, low impedance filter material with no odor.

    Securely sealed: adjustable nose strip ensures optimal sealing between the bridge of the nose and the mask.

    Quantity Order of “1” equals 25 masks.

    All masks are individually wrapped and UV Light Sterilized prior to shipment.

    Made in the USA. (Don’t get fooled by cheap Chinese knock-offs!)

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    N95 Respirator Face Masks (Pack of 25)


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