Coronavirus Disinfection for Hotels in Buffalo, NY

Coronavirus Disinfection for Hotels in Buffalo, NY Disinfect-ItWe all need to get away sometimes. This is especially true during times of COVID-19. A lot of people begin to feel isolated in their homes with mandated isolation and social distancing precautions in place. Many nonessential stores and social locations were closed upon the announcement of coronavirus being a pandemic. However, hotels are considered one of the essential businesses that are allowed to remain open during these trying times.

This leads to people wanting to get away and de-stress somewhere other than their home. Alternatively, some people may want to spend their self-isolation in a place other than their home. This is where your hotel comes in. You may be experiencing a surge in guests that just need to get away from their home after being in it for extended periods of time straight.

While this may be beneficial for business in some ways, it can put your workers and other guests at risk of contracting COVID-19. For this reason, professional coronavirus disinfection for hotels is necessary to protect everyone’s health and wellbeing.

How Hotels are Affected by Coronavirus

If you own or manage a hotel, you might be feeling apprehensive during current times of coronavirus. After all, coronavirus is known to spread quickly and cause potentially harmful health effects. Because hotels and other hospitality locations are considered essential businesses and not required to close, you may have kept your doors open. This could lead to people from all different places traveling and staying in your hotel rooms and utilizing your hotel’s amenities. When you have guests and hospitality workers under one roof, all who may have had some contact with coronavirus, you need to protect everyone’s wellbeing. That involves cleaning and utilizing the proper disinfectant techniques. Coronavirus disinfection for hotels is an important step in ensuring everyone’s safety.

Why Disinfect-It?

Disinfection is as essential as your hotel. That’s because cleaning is the only way to ensure that any sign of coronavirus is removed from your facility. Coronavirus is a unique virus that can last on surfaces for up to three days. This is likely due to the external characteristics of the coronavirus. It is composed of a layer of fat molecules that protect the internal sensitive genetic material of the virus. Once this fat layer is removed, though, the genetic material cannot survive and the virus dies. Thus, in order to kill coronavirus, you must remove this protective layer. To do this, you need to use soap for the skin or disinfectant materials for surfaces. However, not all disinfectants have the proper materials to fully dissolve the coronavirus fat layer. That’s where Disinfect-It’s coronavirus disinfection for hotels comes in.

Our Process

Our company uses a unique and cutting-edge technology for our coronavirus disinfection for hotels. While other cleaning companies may use traditional hand-held sprays and wipes, we go a step beyond and utilize a handheld electrode-based sanitizing sprayer. Essentially, an electrode electrostatically charges the particles of our cleaning and sanitizing spray before it leaves the sprayer. This causes it to attach to any surface within 6 feet of the spray and stay there surrounding the object. Once attached, the disinfectant gets to work.

Professional Coronavirus Disinfection for Hotels in WNY

If you own or manage a hotel that has seen a variety of guests, you’d likely benefit from professional coronavirus disinfection for hotels. Disinfect-It understands how important it is to maintain the cleanliness of your hotel, and we want to help. If you’re in need of a cleaning team to protect your guest and hospitality service workers, call us today for a free quote and information about how we can help your hotel.

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