90-Day Antimicrobial Protective Coating

At Disinfect-It, we are excited to now offer a 90-day antimicrobial protective coating that has been proven to protect against microbes. Our unique antimicrobial coating creates an invisible shield that provides 24/7 surface protection for extended periods of time with a single application.

Our 90-day antimicrobial coating adheres to all surfaces to provide unparalleled antimicrobial activity with long-term stability and durability. Our coating acts as a protective coating that bonds to surfaces on a molecular level during our electrostatic application.

We utilize electrostatic sprayers and a specially formulated coating with an EPA registered active ingredient that acts like a spike to puncture the cell membranes of microbes on contact. Our 90-day antimicrobial coating continues to work long after it dries by creating an invisible layer that microbes literally cannot live on. Furthermore, due to our coatings positive electric charge, it actively seeks out and attracts microbes to the surface, eliminating them on contact.

Our 90-day antimicrobial coating physically disrupts and inhibits the growth of a wide variety of odor-causing bacteria, mold, fungi and algae by creating a force-field effect on surfaces. Once applied, it will not wash off a surface, or leach into the environment or your body. The antimicrobial protective coating forms an invisible, positively charged polymer that seeks out and attracts, then electrocutes and destroys the negatively charged cell membrane of the unwanted microbes.

Our 90-day antimicrobial coating inhibits the growth of microbes on a variety of surfaces with a physical mode of action and charge disruption. This is referred to a “cationic antimicrobial” that attracts microbes and neutralizes their cell wall by via charge disruption. This leads to the breakdown of the microbial cell (also referred to as lysis). As an added bonus, our unique solution also eliminates odors and stains.

Unlike many other chemical disinfectants on the market which can be toxic, cause damage or discoloration to surfaces, or harm the environment, our eco-friendly technology has been vigorously tested for safe use and durability.

Safety is our top priority and our coating has been proven to provide a long-lasting antimicrobial barrier that will protect you and your loved ones for up to 90-days. Also, unlike other disinfectants that require constant re-application, our 90-day antimicrobial coating only requires a single application to provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection.

If you are interested in learning more about our 90-day antimicrobial coating for your home or business, contact us today to request a free quote.

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