Coronavirus Disinfection for AirBNB and Rental Properties in Buffalo, NY

Coronavirus Disinfection for AirBNB & Rental Properties Disinfect-ItWhen people need a break from their day-to-day lives, they often turn to vacation. This vacation could be in their local area or further away for more of a unique experience. However, coronavirus turned the idea of a “vacation” on its head. Now, people are looking for other locations to stay isolated in instead of staying cooped up in their own homes. This lead to a boom in the Airbnb industry. Many people are using AirBNBs as a change of scenery during the coronavirus pandemic. While this could be good for your financial benefit, it may cause you to stress in the future when their stay is up. After all, coronavirus is a highly contagious and strong virus that can affect people for significant periods of time. In order to stay safe and ensure all of your guests stay happy and healthy, professional coronavirus disinfection for AirBNB and rental properties may be of interest to you.

How Coronavirus Affects AirBNB Rental Properties

When coronavirus first began, not many people thought the situation would get as serious as it has in present times. However, now that time has progressed, we can begin to look at how industries are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. AirBNB’s are one of those industries that have boomed upon the introduction of coronavirus into the United States.

That’s because people are getting tired of staying locked up in their own homes. What better way to enjoy your quarantine than staying in a new, unique place for a few days?

Many guests are adopting this idea and making a getaway run to a local Airbnb. If your Airbnb is seeing a lot of interest, you may want to get professional disinfecting services to prevent the growth and spread of coronavirus within your property. Get a free quote and learn more about coronavirus disinfection for AirBNB and rental properties today!

Why Disinfect-It?

Coronavirus is a serious virus that isn’t always easy to kill. Essentially, coronavirus has a protective layer of fat molecules that surround genetic material. This genetic material is sensitive and cannot survive on its own. Therefore, if you remove the fatty layer of molecules from the virus, it can no longer survive.

If you have an Airbnb, it’s in your best interest to get coronavirus disinfection. First, you don’t know whether the people you’re renting to had contact with COVID-19 in any form prior to renting out your property. If they did and manage to be asymptomatic carriers, they could introduce coronavirus into your home. This does not only pose a threat to you, but if you don’t get your place properly disinfected afterward you risk other guests also contracting COVID-19.

Our Disinfection Process

In order to ensure that you and your property stay coronavirus-free, Disinfect-It offers cutting-edge technology to eradicate 99.9 percent of odor-causing bacteria and viruses including Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Unlike some companies who use traditional sprays and hand cleaning, we use electrostatically charged sanitizer.

Essentially, our spray tool has an electrode inside it that charges each particle of disinfectant before it leaves the device. Then, the spray is statically attracted to all surfaces within 6 feet of the path of the spray. This quick and easy process can save you hours of cleaning and stress about risking the health of yourself and your guests.

Coronavirus Disinfection for AirBNB and Rental Properties Throughout WNY

If you rent an Airbnb during the COVID-19 pandemic, you could benefit from Disinfect-It’s coronavirus disinfection for AirBNB’s. Our advanced technology will help you sanitize your property from top to bottom and prevent you or your guests from coming in contact with coronavirus. No two places are alike, so contact us today for a free quote and to discuss ways that we can help you throughout these tough times.

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