Coronavirus Disinfection for Schools in Buffalo, NY

Coronavirus Disinfection for Schools in Buffalo, NY Disinfect-ItAs the famous saying goes, children are the future. They have bright minds that are capable of expanding and thinking about new approaches to all different kinds of situations. However, many children are suffering due to their inability to attend school today due to coronavirus. Coronavirus was declared a pandemic which led to the closing of many schools. From elementary school to college, a variety of institutions closed in order to protect the bright minds of the future. Now that states, cities, and towns are discussing possibilities to reopen across the country, it’s time to start thinking about how schools will handle the return of students and teachers. In order to ensure both faculty and students are protected, coronavirus disinfection for schools is necessary.

How Coronavirus Affects Schools

Coronavirus has affected schools all across the country. This virus displaced millions of students worldwide. It was once thought that coronavirus only affected older populations and those with underlying health conditions, but it was revealed that anyone of any age can contract COVID-19 This creates more stress for students, faculty, and parents when considering re-opening the in-person education system. In order to ease the stress of everyone involved, it’s important for schools to disinfect their surfaces. Schedule a free quote for professional coronavirus disinfection for schools in Buffalo, NY.

Why Disinfect-It?

Disinfection and sanitization of schools can help protect our students, teachers and faculty. Coronavirus is a type of virus that exists with a fatty layer of molecules that protects the inner, more sensitive genetic material of the virus. When the fat layer is broken down, the virus can no longer survive. Therefore, to stop the spread of coronavirus, the molecular fat layer must be removed from all coronavirus molecules. Thankfully, traditional forms of soap and sanitizers can complete this action and remove them from the skin but killing coronavirus from surfaces is slightly more complicated. Some cleaning sprays don’t have the correct composition to dissolve fat on contact. That’s where Disinfect-It comes in.

Our Process

Disinfect-It - Daycare Disinfection in Buffalo, NYDisinfect-It only uses the most advanced and cutting-edge technology for coronavirus disinfection for schools. We understand how important education is, and our cleaning process will make sure students have access to a safe and comfortable environment free of coronavirus. Unlike some cleaning companies who use conventional methods, we utilize electrostatic force to charge our sanitizer. This allows each liquid disinfectant particle to adhere to any surface within 6 feet of the spray zone of our equipment. In combination with this, the disinfectant we use is rated to kill 99.9 percent of all viruses and odor-causing bacteria that can cause health issues, including SARS-CoV-2 which causes coronavirus. Instead of settling for cleaners who use dated methods, put your students’ and faculty’s health first with our coronavirus disinfection for schools.

Providing Professional Coronavirus Disinfection for Schools in WNY

A clean school can ensure that the spread of coronavirus is essentially nonexistent. If proper sanitizing strategies are not used, you risk the health of children, teachers, and both of their families. It’s important to protect the lives of the future and give them a safe and comfortable place to thrive. Coronavirus disinfection for schools is necessary, especially on the verge of re-opening towns. When it comes time to allow students back into the classroom, it’s best to make sure proper cleanliness precautions are taken. If you manage a school and are concerned about the health of your students and faculty, Disinfect-It can help you ease the stress of cleaning. Contact us today for a free quote and information about how we can help you clean your school today.

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