Coronavirus Disinfection for Nursing Homes in Buffalo, NY

Coronavirus Disinfection for Nursing Homes in Buffalo, NY Disinfect-ItNursing homes provide a high level of residential care for those who are unable to fully care for themselves. This often includes elderly and disabled people. These communities are also some of the most vulnerable, both mentally and physically. During times of COVID-19, the health and protection of those most vulnerable are essential. One of the most notable populations at risk is those of older age, which is why nursing homes have become a major focus of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus poses a substantial risk to the health of everyone in nursing homes, so it’s important that these facilities have proper cleanliness and disinfection protocol in place. If you own or run a nursing home and want to protect the lives of your staff and those you care for, professional disinfection services are key.

Dangers of Coronavirus in Nursing Homes

Coronavirus poses substantial harm to people who work in and reside in nursing homes. Many people who live in nursing homes belong to the population of elder adults with underlying health conditions, both of which are precursors to heightened coronavirus sensitivity. When both healthcare personnel and residents contract COVID-19, the growth rate seems to expand quickly. When this happens, substantial illness, and even death, are possible. In addition to the necessity for the education of staff and occupants, the sanitization of all surfaces that people have contact with is key to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Why Disinfect-It?

Coronavirus disinfection for nursing homes can help protect your loved ones against the spread of coronavirus in their nursing home. While you may think that taking a traditional cleaning route of using cleansing sprays that must be wiped down manually is effective, it’s likely that you’re missing spots. When it comes to coronavirus, it can last on surfaces for days straight. That means if you miss a spot when you’re cleaning, many people are at risk of contracting an illness from touching the infected surface followed by touching their face, eyes, nose, or mouth. When you hire a professional disinfection service to clean all of the surfaces in your nursing home, you can rest easy knowing every part of your residential living center is spotless.

Our Process

While some disinfecting services use traditional cleaning methods, Disinfect-It only uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your nursing home is coronavirus-free. We use a special spray device that gets loaded with both the cleaning liquid solution and an electrode. When activated to spray, this electrode electrostatically charges the liquid particles and causes them to stick to any surface within 6 feet of the mist. These particles essentially wrap around all of your surfaces regardless of where they are located. This means that those pesky spaces between shelves, underneath tables, and wherever else you can imagine will be disinfected. Whatever you need to be sanitized, our coronavirus disinfection for nursing homes can help protect the lives of those most at-risk for infection.

Professional Coronavirus Disinfection for Nursing Homes in WNY

If you are caring for at-risk populations in a nursing home or residential care facility, it’s best to hire a professional sanitization service. This will protect both your staff and your residents from potential infection from coronavirus. Our advanced technology is unlike other cleaning services on the market. Instead of using the typical and traditional methods, our electrostatic liquids attach to all surfaces, regardless of type. If you’re ready to sanitize your nursing home from top to bottom, call us today for a free quote and to discuss how we can best help you to protect those most vulnerable.

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