Coronavirus Disinfection for Bars and Restaurants in Buffalo, NY

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world in a way that will go down in the history books, similar to the way that of Cholera and the Bubonic Plague. Because of the speed that coronavirus can spread and the seriousness of symptoms and diseases that it causes, when the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a pandemic, a series of health precautions were established.

This included social distancing and the mandated temporary closing of nonessential businesses. Because bars and restaurants are considered essential businesses, many are staying open through this tough time. If you own or manage a restaurant or bar during times of the coronavirus pandemic, you know how important it is to clean your floor space to protect your patrons, staff, and servers from disease.

However, you can never be sure that the disinfection products you’re using reach every part of your business. With Disinfect-It’s advanced technology, we can ensure all of your bar and tabletops, floors, chairs, and everything under your restaurant’s roof stays coronavirus-free. Contact us today for a free quote. We provide coronavirus disinfection for bars and restaurants throughout Buffalo, NY starting at only $99.

How Coronavirus Affects You

Disinfect-It - Restaurant Disinfection in Buffalo, NY

Coronavirus has put a damper on the prosperity of businesses thus far. Your restaurant or bar has likely seen a decrease in the number of patrons served per day, week, and month. That is if you’ve chosen to keep your doors open. Many restaurants have chosen to close their doors temporarily in order to protect the well-being of both staff and customers. Both of these situations lead to financial stress on top of the concern that COVID-19 causes. One of the best ways to combat your anxiety as a restaurant owner is by finding the most effective way to clean and disinfect your surfaces. This way, your patrons and workers will feel safe under your service and you can feel comfortable knowing you are lessening the risk of coronavirus spread.

Why Disinfect-It?

Disinfection is an essential part of coronavirus prevention. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 is composed of a fatty layer of molecules that protect the internal structures from natural elements like oxygen and sunlight. Once this fatty layer is degraded, the virus cannot survive. The best way to remove this fatty layer is through disinfection with fat-fighting sanitizers like soap and sprays. However, not all sanitizers were made equally. Some don’t have the proper composition to break down this tough fatty layer, attach to all coronavirus molecules, and fully disinfect all surfaces. Thankfully, Disinfect-It uses cutting-edge technology that will reach every part of your restaurant – including those hard-to-reach areas.

Our Advanced Technology

In order to keep all of your restaurant and bar-goers, you need the strongest and most effective disinfectant. Disinfect-It uses advanced technology that electrostatically charges our liquid sanitizing spray with an electrode. These charged particles of the liquid disinfectant attach to all surfaces within 6 feet of the spray. Because the sanitizer creates a magnetic field, our disinfectant essentially wraps around all surfaces. From your stools to your ceiling, coronavirus doesn’t stand a chance against our technology. You can rest easier knowing you’re receiving the best coronavirus disinfection for bars and restaurants available.

Protect Your Customers and Staff Today

Disinfect-it provides coronavirus disinfection for bars and restaurants in Western New York. If you’re looking to have your bar or restaurant professionally disinfected, look no further than Disinfect-It. We understand how important it is to make your patrons and staff feel comfortable under your roof, so we use the strongest technology available to rid your eatery of coronavirus.

Professional Coronavirus Disinfection for Bars and Restaurants in WNY

Instead of opting for traditional cleaning services that may not protect your workers and customers fully, go with the best methods possible. For a free quote for coronavirus disinfection for a bar or restaurant, contact Disinfect-It today.

We also offer American-made N95 masks for sale in our store. We can even customize them with your bar or restaurant logo for your staff and customers.

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