Coronavirus Disinfection for Office Buildings in Buffalo, NY

Coronavirus Disinfection for Office Buildings in Buffalo, NY Disinfect-ItWhen it comes to bacterium and viruses, nothing is more important than finding ways to combat them. If you leave them to sit on surfaces, they could cause sickness for many people. This is even more likely in large, populated areas such as office buildings. If your company is located in and currently operating out of an office building, you’re likely experiencing a greater need for cleanliness due to coronavirus. Earlier this year, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a pandemic that caused many jobs to close and introduced mandated health protections. As towns approach the mark where reopening is possible, the need for coronavirus disinfection services for office buildings is on the rise. Getting your office building disinfected has never been more important for the lives of your employees. We offer the most affordable option in Western New York. Contact us today for a free quote for your office. Prices start at only $149.

What is Coronavirus?

Though many people believe that coronavirus is a single type of virus, however it is a strain of viruses that could easily lead to disease. COVID-19 is a particularly damaging strain of coronavirus that leads to bothersome and painful symptoms like cough, fever, sore throat, muscle ache, and even cause death in at-risk populations.

Office buildings are often hubs for viruses like coronavirus. Whenever there is a group of people in an enclosed area, viruses are known to spread quicker. To protect the health and wellness of everyone who works in your building, it’s important you take the proper precautions to disinfect. This includes staying up to date with the newest coronavirus disinfection technologies, strategies, and products.

How is Coronavirus Killed?

Compared to bacteria, viruses are nonliving. For this reason, coronavirus is much more difficult to kill than living bacteria that can lead to sicknesses like E-coli and salmonella. Coronavirus has a layer of fat molecules protecting its vital internal composition. Fats break down with the use of soap and alcohol-based disinfectants, including hand sanitizer.

This makes it perfect for people to rid their hands and body of coronavirus, but what about the surfaces or items you’d find in an office? It can be difficult to keep up with the spread of coronavirus with traditional methods of coronavirus disinfection for office buildings, especially in a busy office. Because of that, advanced and cutting-edge technology may be needed to ensure your building is protected.

Our Office Disinfection Process

At Disinfect-It, we only use the most advanced technology available to disinfect all of your office surfaces. From your floors to the ceiling and everything in between, you can rest assured knowing your office space is properly disinfected after we have completed our disinfection process. Instead of soaps, wipes, or other traditional cleaning methods, we electrostatically charge our sprays.

This creates a magnetic field that draws disinfectant to all surfaces within 6 feet of the liquid mist. We use an electrode to charge particles that attract to any surface allowing the disinfecting solution to essentially “wrap around” the object. No molecule of coronavirus stands in the way of our cutting-edge disinfection formula.

Professional Coronavirus Disinfection for Office Buildings in WNY

Give your employees and customers peace of mind. Hire Disinfect-It to professionally disinfect and sanitize all of your office surfaces. Coronavirus is a highly contagious virus, so it’s important you get help from industry experts whose sole focus is providing professional disinfection services. Traditional cleaning methods and sprays may not get to every part of your office, including the smallest nooks and crannies.

However, our advanced electrostatic mist can. This way you can feel comfortable opening your doors and giving your customers and employees peace of mind. If you’re interested in coronavirus disinfection for office buildings, call or contact us today for a free quote. Don’t stress it – Disinfect-It!

We also offer American-made N95 masks for sale in our store.

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